Our disc picks of the week

Andy recommends… The Last House on the Left

Wes Craven’s debut was one of the first to make the notorious ‘80s ‘video nasty’ list, and it’s about as nasty as horror gets: kidnap, rape, torture, forced urination, some extremly frightening hairstyles... But, unlike the many copyists, it’s far from a dumb generic hack-’em-up. The theme – of violence cycling out of control and rebounding on the perpetrators – hit hard in a Vietnam-scarred America. Gorehounds will dribble over the ‘UNCUT!’ tag and extras include the terrific ‘Going To Pieces’ horror doc.

Chris recommends… Eraserhead

Less of a movie and more of a trip to a different world, David Lynch’s first movie is arguably his purest.

If Lynch’s palette can be described as a mix of quirky warmth, cold imagery and unflinching surrealism, than it’s his debut gets the balance absolutely right. And if the Lady in the Radiator singing “In Heaven” doesn’t move you, then you have no heart.

In way of extras, this new issue of the movie includes an 85-minute interview with Lynch on Eraserhead and the original trailer.

Sam recommends… Wanted

If you’ve ever wondered what a John Woo comic-book flick would look like, whack Wanted on a widescreen this week. Admittedly, without the bullet-time bits it’d probably last about 10 minutes, but Timur Bekmambetov’s first US movie is still a thrill from start to finish. Packed with car chases, slaughterhouses and exit wounds – it’s everything we want from summer blockbuster, then.


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