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    Submitted by Martin Gaston

Oni Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Eran Solomon

    Hex Cheats

    Step 1: Editing your persist.dat file or downloading edited file

    To enable cheats, you'll need to edit your persist.dat file, which can be found in the root of your Oni directory (usually /program files/oni/). To start, open the file with a hex editor. If you don't have a hex editor, you can find one at a site like Download.com.

    For PC users, go to hexadecimal Offset 44 --make sure it's hexadecimal 44, not just decimal 44. Change the offset to "07" (it'll probably be "02" or "06" or something to begin with).

    Save the file and proceed to Step 2.

    If this is too tricky (as it likely is for most people), just download this pre-edited file for PC users and place it in your root Oni directory. This file will also allow you to start the game at any of the save game points.

    The pre-edited file for PC users may be found at http://dl.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp?3dactionplanet/oni/persist.dat.


    Step 2: Activate the Cheats

    Once in the game, press F1. This will bring up the Diary screen. Type in the cheat you want from the list below to activate it. Typing in the cheat again from the Diary screen will turn that cheat off.

    Cheat Codes

    shapeshifter - Change Characters (with F8 key)
    liveforever - God mode
    touchofdeath - Kill enemies in one shot
    canttouchthis - Can't be knocked down or knocked back
    fatloot - Gives you all kinds of ammo and health
    glassworld - Makes most objects breakable
    winlevel - Instantly Win Level
    loselevel - Instantly Lose Level
    bighead - Big Head Mode
    minime - Mini Mode
    superammo - Super Ammo Mode
    reservoirdogs - Last Man Standing Mode (AIs fight with each other)
    roughjustice - Gatling Guns Mode
    chenille - Daodan Power Mode (you do more damage)
    behemoth - Makes you giant
    elderrune - Regenerate health over time
    moonshadow - Phase Cloak
    munitionfrenzy - Creates pile of all weapons
    fistsoflegend - Fists Of Legend Mode
    killmequick - Enemies are super tough
    carousel - Slow Motion Mode
    thedayismine - Developer Mode

    Step 3: Developer Mode Commands

    While in developer mode, you can use certain key combinations and access the command console (in dev mode):

    Cntl-Shift-Y = FPS Counter (works always, not only in dev)
    F7 = Cycle through all possible weapons
    F8 = Change character
    F9 = Start recording
    F10 = Stop recording
    F11 = Playback recording
    Cntl-Shift-G = toggles between slow motion and normal modes
    Cntl-Shift-S = toggles textures on some objects
    Cntl-Shift-B = shows your current opponent logic
    ` = brings up the cmd prompt

    Command prompt is perhaps the most interesting thing out there. You can execute script commands from there or assign values to internal variables. The best way to find out what commands/variable are there is to type at the cmd prompt: dump_docs. This command will dump all known docs and variables (sometimes with comments!) to the text file. CMD prompt has autocompletion feature, to accept the suggestion it gives you, use Tab key. Up and down arrows scrolls through the command history.

    Some handy commands:

    door_ignore_locks = 1 unlocks all doors for you ai2_kill kills all nearby AI chr_nocollision 0 1 'noclip' mode, allows you to walk through avoid jumping. The designed levels are beautiful.

    More stuff can be found in the docs file created by dump_docs command.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Dubey

    Many Cheats

    Master Code: During game play press "Select".
    Highlight Help and press,
    once this code is entered you may enter any of the codes at the bottom.
    *Note* If you wish to enter multiple cheats you must enter the master code each time.
    Unlimited Health:
    R3,L3,R3,Circle (If done right you will hear tone. To disable the code just enter it again.). ALSO reported as L2, L1, L2, Square, Circle, Square, R3, L3, R3, Circle
    One Hit Kills:
    Mini Mode:
    Big Head:
    Start,Square,Circle,Start. ALSO reported as L2, L1, L2, Square, Circle, Square, Start, Square, Circle, Start
    Godzilla Mode:
    Finish Level
    L2, L1, L2, Square, Circle, Square, L3, R3, L2, L1
    Power Mode
    L2, L1, L2, Square, Circle, Square, R3, L3, Circle, Square
    Phase Cloaks Unlimited
    L2, L1, Square, Circle, Square, L1, R3, L2, L3
    Large Characters
    L2, L1, L2, Square, Circle, Square, R3, Square, Circle, L3
    Pick Character
    L2, L1, L2, Square, Circle, Square, L2, L2, L2, L2. Press L2 to cycle through the characters
    Godly Guns
    During gameplay you can press the select button and then highlight the HELP button. Now enter:
    L2, L1, L2, Square, Circle, Square, L2, L2, L1, L3
    You'll hear a sound if you entered the code correctly. This code will give you Unlimited Ammo and you'll never have to reload.
    Hard Mode
    During gameplay you can press the select button and then highlight the HELP button. Now enter:
    You'll hear a sound if you entered the code correctly

  • PS2 | Submitted by Alex Lintelman

    Avoid fall Damage

    When jumping off or falling from a high area, press L2 close to the ground to flip and not take any damage from the fall.
    Unlimited Power
    First this is a special code you can only get once. you have to go to load and press triangle,square,and L3 and you have it.

Oni Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Sidney

    Fight the Lasers!

    On the 2nd level, there's a part with this Super Brain thingy and you have to shut it down. It happens on the last save spot. Anyway, before you open the door, you have to crouch first or you'll die. Stupid lasers... You should notice the lasers are moving in 2 different directions and are at 2 different heights. Move so you are going in the opposite direction that the higher laser is moving. Keep crouching! Also, when a high laser passes over you, don't move again until the low laser passes over you. Crouch your way around the room to the computers and use them. Once you get them all, the pink haired lady will babble about... who cares anyway? After that the lasers will reset. Again, go in the opposite direction that they're going in. Except this time, jump over them. They'll reset 1 more time. This time, it's different. What you do is use a hypo spray and go into super mode. You know. That mode where you use a hypo and you get more than your max amount of health and start to glow all purple and your punches and kicks get super powerful. That super mode. Now, this may sound crazy, but run right through the lasers. The guns will fire, but just ignore them. But don't take your time. You gotta get to the computers fast or you'll be roast beef before you can say "I shut down the super brain." ! After that, It's off to level 3 for you.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Gun Hint

    When you have a weapon, it's a good idea to have it holstered when not in use for these reasons:
    1-You can dash (You can't with a weapon out)
    2-If an enemy attacks you, you'll most likely drop your weapon. Then they could pick it up and empty an entire clip on you.