Now That's What We Call Niche Gaming

"Someone's making a Bullet Train Simulator! It's like every Christmas coming at once!" wasn't quite GamesRadar's collective response to news that, yes, a Japanese developer is working on bringing Taiwan's space-age bullet train into the virtual world.

But, given the continued success of train sims, flight sims and other oh-God-I-can't-believe-people-play-that sims, there must be someone somewhere whose fancy is tickled by the chance to play choo-choo with the East's most advanced rail technology. Which set us thinking - what could possibly be more niche than this?

Surprisingly - or not - there's actually a rash of games out there that appear to have been made for the sort of audience you'd have thought could fit on the head of a pin. So, proving that it 'takes all sorts' in videogames as well as in life, here's our list of ten (including Ongakukan's bullet train sim) none-more-niche titles.

Taiwan Bullet Train Simulator

The blurb: "To introduce the brilliance of Japan's bullet train technology in videogames."

Highlights include: Simulated driving, sightseeing and taking picnic opportunities at stations.

Niche rating