NinjaBee XBLA bundle packs five games for $20

Worth a few hive-rs

A new Xbox Live Arcade Bundle packs five games from XBLA veteran NinjaBee. A World of Keflings, Ancients of Ooga, Band of Bugs, Cloning Clyde, and Outpost Kaloki X are available together for $20, or 1,600 Microsoft points.

The whole ball of wax would normally cost $45, or 3600, altogether. We'll let NinjaBee sum up the games for you, if you're not familiar:

"Help hapless Keflings as they attempt to build a (tiny) new kingdom in A World of Keflings. Wage war with your exoskeletal soldiers in the exciting insecticidal tactics game Band of Bugs. Eat, chant and puke your way to revolution in Ancients of Ooga. Engage in ethically questionable science in the zany platformer Cloning Clyde. Take capitalism to space in Outpost Kaloki X, an interstellar tycoon game."

We'd like some kind of bee-related pun to close this article with a stinger, but... hey, there you go!


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