Ninja Gaiden Sigma hands-on

Ever since its re-conception on the old Xbox Uno, Ninja Gaiden was a benchmark of polygon pushing prowess. And once again, developer Team Ninja continues its tendencyof parasitically sucking theresources from the market's most powerful console to bring you the best looking game possible. If you've been left sobbing from your recent lose of half a grand, wipe those tears away and get an eyeful of Sigma.

The first chapter in the game opens upas it did on Xbox, albeit with resident ninja, Ryu Hayabusa clad in a different outfit. There's a luscious vibrancy within the foliage that's immediately more apparent than in previous versions, sporting infinitely improved textureswhile running at a silky smooth 60 frames per second, giving Ryu's trademarked moves a fluidity that's truly a sight to behold. And the Team Ninja claims that the real-time self-shadows on all the characters are a PS3 first.