Next Friday

Yes, it’s another outing for one of those legendary horror franchises that, like its main character, just…won’t…die.

Word arrives that the 11th – ‘count ‘em – Friday The 13th film has now been officially greenlit. And the company producing the movie for regular US distributors New Line is none other than Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes.

Bay and company are looking to crank the film into production shortly, with an eye to a Friday 13 October stateside - and possibly worldwide - release date (see what they did there). Mark Wheaton has been hired to write the script, which is being kept under wraps at the moment, though rumours persist that we’ll see a prequel film that unspools more detail about Voorhees’ background.

Platinum Dunes is becoming quite the horror factory, with a Chain Saw Massacre prequel following up its remake of Tobe Hooper’s original and a possible Hitcher remake.


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