New Japanese trailer for Jack Reacher: watch now

A new Japanese trailer has emerged online for Jack Reacher , featuring lots of new footage that goes some way to fleshing out the plot of the new action thriller.

The new footage shows a sniper taking out five innocent people, before being taken into custody and demanding to see Jack Reacher. So far, so straightforward.

However, things take a twist when Reacher shows up and claims the man has been framed. So who was the real triggerman? And can Reacher bring them to justice before anyone else gets hurt?

Take a look, below…

Cruise certainly seems to be enjoying himself as a less clean-cut hero than is his usual stock in trade. Throw in Werner Herzog as a scowling villain and a script from Chris McQuarrie, and this one might just be a tidy little thriller.

Directed by McQuarrie and co-starring Rosamund Pike, Jai Courtney and Robert Duvall, Jack Reacher opens in the UK on 26 December 2012.


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