New gore-soaked clip from Dredd: watch now

Dredd has released a new red-band clip in which our granite-jawed hero breaks into an apartment full of gun-wielding junkies, giving fans a taste of the blood-spattered mayhem to come…

Seen through the clouded perspective of the reality-altering drug, slo-mo, the clip shows Dredd break the apartment door down before laying waste to various thugs with his semi-automatic, the bullets ripping through flesh in balletic slow motion.

It's a visually arresting sequence that should give you some idea of the expertly choreographed action that punctuates Pete Travis's down and dirty take on Mega-City One baddest law-enforcer.

Take a look, below…

If you thought that was violent, be warned that the film only cranks things up from here, raining blood and guts down on the audience in glorious 3D. Fans who complained that the Sly Stallone version was overly sanitised are likely going to love it!

Starring Karl Urban in the title role, with support from Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey, Dredd opens in the UK on 7 September 2012. Expect death-sentences aplenty...

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