New Avengers clip lands online: watch now

The Avengers has released a new clip online, featuring an encounter between Black Widow and Bruce Banner, as the former tries to persuade the latter to join Nick Fury's super-team.

The clip provides a first extended look at Mark Ruffalo's performance as Banner, and showcases how the Hulk seems to be bubbling under the surface of Banner's personality at all times.

When Banner becomes frustrated with the Widow's visit, there's a definite hint of rage in his reaction, even if he claims just to have wanted to see what she'd do.

Check out the new clip below…

Joss Whedon's film is filled with such talky interludes, and it's good to see the publicity material reflecting that, as well as the more obviously enticing scenes of all-out action.

The Avengers opens in the UK this Thursday. If you haven't already got your tickets booked, we'd urge you to do so immediately…

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