Naruto RPG quests it up

With Naruto: Ninja Council 3 already days old it seems like the right time to announce another title in the long-running series. That game would be the tentatively titled Naruto: Path of the Ninja, due later this fall. Here's what we can expect, straight from the clearly excited mouths of publisher D3:

- Unique time based combat system in which players must determine each characters strengths and use them accurately

- Six available characters

- Content and scenarios that have never been seen before

If you're a longtime Naruto fan, you may be wondering which Japanese game this US release is emulating. The first one hit the GBA in 2002, so that's out. The most recent DS RPG is too far ahead in the series' storyline to come out over here, and that's out of the question too. Thus, D3 has opted to craft some kind of bizarre hybrid Naruto that combines elements of all three previous Japanese RPG titles. Wonder what it'll be...

June 1, 2007


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