Moverman takes on Ellroy's Rampart

Director Oren Moverman has become the latest director to take on a James Ellroy novel with Rampart .

The helmer of The Messenger - which is yet to be granted a UK release, but earned Woody Harrelson an Oscar nod - has signed on to write and direct an adaptation of Ellroy’s tome.

Moverman has recruited the help of Messenger ’s Ben Foster and Harrelson – evidently he believes they're a winning combination.

Rampart follows the investigation of 70 police officers who are implicated in misconduct like beatings, evidence planting and the stealing of narcotics.

With Messenger , Moverman turned heads, crafting a romantic, war-set drama that was considered an honest and refreshing take on war combat.

Think he can he apply that same sensibility and sensitivity to Ellroy’s work?