MLB 07 The Show - hands-on

There's nothing like the dead of winter to get us dreaming about hot Summer nights, fireworks and baseball - especially when the good folks at Sony let us get our frostbitten hands on a PSP preview build of their upcoming MLB '07 The Show. In case you missed it, last year's portable gem kicked all kinds of butt, so naturally we're jazzed to see what they've come up with for the next installment.

Right off the bat (pun apologetically intended), it's evident that no one at developer SCEA San Diego is resting on their laurels. They've highlighted an all-new story mode and more than a few in-game additions.

MLB's create-a-player career mode returns from last season, but this year there's also a new and expanded individual tale that unfolds in the "Road to the Show." Focusing solely on your creation and his quest to land a full-time gig in the big leagues, it's a unique approach that plays differently based on position and works great in an on-the-go setting. Instead of taking control of your team throughout the full nine innings, you'll only be involved when your player's at-bats or fielding opportunities come up; this translates into short, focused bursts and quick games.


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