Michael Fassbender talks X-Men: First Class sequel ideas




Michael Fassbender’s career has gone certifiably supernova over the last year, and he looks set to continue that run with his upcoming triple-bill of Haywire , Shame and A Dangerous Method .

That’s not to mention Steve McQueen’s Twelve Year’s A Slave and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus , and there’s always the chance he’ll be called back for more mutant action, after having established a younger, meaner, cooler Magneto in X-Men: First Class .

When Total Film met up with Fassbender to discuss his meteoric rise to success, we couldn’t resist asking him if there are going to be more X-Men movies…

“If they make enough money usually they make a sequel. They usually give you the first one and then two options. I’ve got some interesting ideas for Magneto, as does James [ McAvoy ] for Professor X.

“I know we really enjoyed working with each other and it would be great if we could get that original team back. James and I were getting sort of giddy with the prospect of the next one.

“I want to see how Professor X becomes Professor X because he’s starting his journey at the end of this film but I’ve made my transition into Magneto.”

And he’s got the hat now…

“I’ve got the hat and I’m ready for action. I’ve got the purple helmet…”

Shame opens on 13 January 2012, with Haywire following on 20 January, and A Dangerous Method bringing up the rear on 10 February.

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