Available on: Xbox, PS2

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Metal Slug 3 Cheats

  • Unlock Fat Island & UFO Mode on Main Menu

    Finish the game using normal difficulty and save to unlock the options
    Submitted by None
  • Extra Chance

    When your playing Arcade mode and it says you have 0 hero points left or right before your about to die hit start on the second player controller and your charter you select will appear and you have 5 new hero points and you don't have to start the level again.
    Submitted by RT
  • Right Way

    On level 4 when u get passed the desert part don't go up it is the harder way instead go down and go tough the plants and then to china town or whatever that place is called and another thing for china town the red people explode so when u kill them get away from them.
    Submitted by christian klotz
  • Boost O Lives

    This isn't really a code or a cheat but when your playing and you have zero lives and your about to die push start on the other controller and the 2cd player will come on. Let your other person die and play with the new one. If you don't have a extra controller it wont work or at least no one knows how to yet. This really works good when your on the last level.
    Submitted by Dan F

Metal Slug 3 Hints

  • Vehicle Suicides

    To suicide your vehicle press and hold Left Trigger + A button

    Suicide= L + A

    Metal Slug Tank(available more than once): Simply explodes and hurts enemies

    Two-Legged-Double-Gun Robot(only appears once): Jumps and explodes to hurt enemies

    Elephant (available once only): Runs off and tramples enemies

    Submarine(available several times): Simply explodes

    Jetplane(available once): Simply explodes to kill

    Helicopter(available many times if you are playing solo): Simply explodes to kill

    Fat Robot(available once):Just explodes

    Space Capsule(AVAILABLE ONCE AND ONE TIME ONLY): You shouldn't suicide this vehicle because it will keep you alive. Simply explodes.

    Ostrich(appears several times in one level): Runs off and tramples people

    Camel(appears only once): Runs off and trample people(does not destroy trucks but kills tanks)
    Submitted by Anonymous Person

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