Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms officially announced

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms introduces, along with four New World campaigns, a number of additional features. Expected to release in August, the expansion also offers three additional campaigns set in Northern Europe, Great Britain and the Holy Land.

Players will be able to delve into strategy-thinking with 13 new factions and 150+ new units. It will be possible to control multiple armies on one map. New heroes, including Richard The Lionheart and Saladin join the fray and offer new abilities to tap.

Key strategic points throughout the campaigns can be taken control of with forts surrounded by moats, which can be garrisoned with large armies and used to research new tech trees involving religion and prestige.

Kingdoms will also add six new multiplayer scenarios, and 20 new Custom Battle maps. The campaigns feature a new Hotseat multiplayer mode, but the details on this new mode haven't been released yet.

April 2, 2007

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