Manhunt's grisliest executions

Fighting people head-on is a no-no in Manhunt. It's all about catching them unawares - and the longer you stalk them, the more vicious Cash is. There are three kill types - Hasty, Violent and Gruesome - and loads of weapons. Read on the read the nastiest of the kills.

Hasty… Plastic bag
Cash simply jams the bag over the hunter's head and then chokes him until he crumples to his knees and dies. Comes complete with horrible "I can't breathe" animations.

Violent… Plastic bag
Cash forces the bag over the enemy's head and rabbit-punches him in the lower back, causing him to fall to his knees. Cash then presses his knee into the victim's back and snaps his spine.

Gruesome… Plastic bag
Cash bags up the enemy, then spins him around and punches his face to mush before strangling him and breaking his neck. We're pretty sure there's a warning about this on plastic bags themselves.

Violent… Glass shard
Cash stabs his victim repeatedly in the stomach until he's dead. This one's known in the office as the "Pesci," after the pint-sized psycho's similar turn with a pen in Casino.

Gruesome… Glass shard
Cash slashes the enemy down across his back, then grabs his head and stabs the hunter through each eye socket. Even when the saps's wearing goggles, this is pretty unpleasant.