22 little things that annoy us about Steam sales

More like Steam STALE, right?

IT'S THE MOOOOST, WONDERFULLL TIIIIME, OF THE YEARRRRRR. Nothing fills gamers' hearts with seasonal cheer like the annual Summer Steam Sale, a time for savings and gift-giving galore. And yet, amidst all the gaiety and good tidings, there is a dark side to all that glorious PC gaming. What started as winter revelry somehow crept its way into spring, summer, and fall, with Steam sales for seemingly every season. You find yourself refusing to buy any game for more than the price of a sandwich. The mere mention of Valve makes your wallet defecate pennies in pure fear. It's safe to assume that Gabe Newell watches you while you sleep.

We were raised not to look gift horses in the mouth, or complain about such a joyous time of thriftiness. And yet, even something as magical as a Steam sale has its faults--and by golly, we have every right to complain about our little gripes. Sure, you may think we're a bunch of self-entitled brats, but go through this list and try telling us that not one of these has ever annoyed you. Good luck, because that's impossible.

Being incredibly excited to buy a game before discovering that you already own (and installed) it

Remembering that you did the same thing, with the same game, during the last Steam sale

Realizing you now own more games than any normal human being can play in a single lifetime

When you get faked out because the price reduction isn't actually displaying (and yes, this pretty much only happens because we're zealously refreshing the page)

Thinking about how much money Gabe Newell just made in the past 30 seconds

Waiting on this screen

only to land here

When you can't download your new purchase because Valve's servers are getting absolutely hammered

Thinking, if only for a moment, about how much money these developers would've been making if everyone was actually paying full price for their game