L.A. Noire vehicle achievement guide

There's a lot of cars to collect in L.A. Noire if you want the Auto Fanatic Achivement/Trophy, 95 to be exact. Ironically, the Hidden Vehciles are actually the easiest ones to get since they're marked on your map.Tracking down every regular vehicle is the real challenge, especiallysince pretty much all of them are bigchrome plated boats with massive grills and whitewall tires. Fortunately we've trackeddown all of them and taken video so you'll know exactly what you're looking for.

Note that for a vehicle to count as being driven, all you have to do is get into the drivers seat then exit the car. Also note that having your partner drive a vehicle for you will not count towards the Achievement/Trophy so make sure you’re behind the wheel. Also remember that the game tends to default to certain vehicles when cutscenes happen and will quickly despawn vehicles if too many are on the screen at once, so don’t get too attached to any one ride.

Normal Vehicles

Normal vehicles can be found everywhere around the city, and as a police officer you can commandeer any of them. While the random spawning makes tracking down specific vehicles challenging, a little logic goes a long way; fire trucks will be found at fire stations and fires, ambulances at hospitals, and large trucks and panel vans will typically be found around construction sites and factories.

Cars have been organized according to what part of the map they most commonly appear in. The fastest way to hunt for cars is to sweep large parking lots for vehicles, drive far enough away so that the game will reset the cars and sweep again. Stopping pedestrian cars is bothersome as it takes a while to flag the vehicle down and boot the driver out. Also you’ll kind of feel like a jerk every time you do it. Some special non-hidden vehicles that are found only in specific areas will have special notations beside them indicating where to get them.

Tip: When hunting for specific models, memorize the placement ofits license plate. The yellow plates are highly visible which makes it easier for you to eyeball cars from a distance and determine if they're what you're looking for.


Buick Ambulance
Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR
Ford Ambulance
Ford Custom
Heil Colecto-Pak
International D Series

Downtown & Central

Buick Super Coupe
Buick Eight Coupe
Chevrolet Civillian Van
Chevrolet Pickup 2
Chevrolet Styleline
Chrysler Airflow
Desoto Custom Suburban
Desoto Custom Suburban Taxi
Ford V8 Sedan
Frazer Manhattan
GMC Pickup
Hudson Super Six
Nash Super 600
Nash Deluxe Army 600
Oldsmobile Hydramatic 88
Packard Clipper Eight
Pontiac Sedan Six
Willys Overland

East Downtown

Chevrolet Sedan
International D Series Sedan
International KB5
International KB8
International KB6
Plymouth P5
Plymouth Sedan
Mercury Custom

Downtown & Hollywood

Chrysler Town & Country


Buick Custom
Cadillac Series 75 Limousine
Cadillac V16 Convertible
Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible
Chrysler Townand Country
Cord Hardtop
Ford Convertible
International KB5
International KB8 (Polar Bear Ice Truck)
Lincoln Continental Convertible
Nash LaFayette Convertible
Oldsmobile Sedan


Buick Business Coupe
Cadillac Series 61
Chevrolet Pickup
Chevrolet Van
DeSoto 2 DR Custom
Ford 2 DR
Ford Business Coupe
Ford Deluxe Convertible
Lasalle V8 Sedan
Lincoln Zephyr Touring
Studebaker Commander
Pontiac Torpedo Six
Cadillac Lasalle Series 50


American LaFrance Fire Truck
Buick Eight Convertible
Buick 2 DR Sedanette
Cadillac Series 61 Touring Sedan
Chevrolet Tow Truck
Dodge Fuel Truck
Ford Tudor Convertible
International Metro KB1M
Lincoln Continental Coupe
Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster
Oldsmobile S98 Convertible
Packard Clipper Six
Packard Custom
Plymouth Special Deluxe Six

Mission/Police Vehicles

Buick Super Police
Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
Chevrolet Coroner's Van
Chevrolet Fleetmaster Police
Ford Police Special
Hudson Commodore
International Police Wagon
Nash Super 600
Studebaker Commander Police

Hidden Vehicles

Cadillac Town Car
Chrysler Woody
Cisitalia 202 Coupe
1936 Cord 810 Softtop
Davis Deluxe
Delage D8 120
Delage D8-120 Poutout Aero-Co
Delahaye 135MS Cabriolet
Dusenberg Walker Coupe
Ford H Boy
Phantom Corsair
Stout Scarab
Talbot GS26
Tucker Torpedo
Voisin C7