Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - Monsterama, part 2

Man-on-monster beatdowns continue with another EXCLUSIVE video

In a place as dank and creepy as the Hall of Arrogance, it's nice to see that so much of the population harbors a deep love for creating art. Unfortunately, the Sculptors there don't work in marble or granite - their preferred medium is you, your friends and anyone else who's unlucky enough to cross their path.

Above: The Sculptors with the hats are learned masters at the top of their field. Doesn't mean you should let them near you, though

The Sculptors might look like weak, effeminate rejects from Alice in Wonderland, but don't be put off your guard by their stunted appearance - these guys know how to use those hammers and chisels. The ones in the handsome top hats are actually the most dangerous of all, as their years of experience carving people into "statues" have propelled them through their macabre apprenticeships, and granted them the rank of "maestro." Maestros are more than just experienced - their breath alone can petrify you, which makes the whole sculpting thing a whole lot easier (for them, not you).

It's unknown exactly where the Sculptors go to learn their dark arts and earn their ranks, but the Hall of Arrogance is filled with their handiwork. If you believe the rumors, all the statues in the area are the result of the Sculptors' flesh-carving handiwork - remember that when you inevitably run into a huge mob of the creatures.