Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - Monsterama, part 2

The videogame industry has produced some alarmingly disgusting creatures over the years, but none have been quite so disturbing as the Flesh Men. These abominations - which look like they were stitched together from obese, misshapen fetuses - like to mill around in large groups and flop toward you on their bellies, turning a creature that's already stomach-turning into a rippling, glistening wave of pure nausea. Worse still, they're able to withstand a lot of physical punishment, meaning you can't just kill them all quickly and pretend you never actually saw them.

Above: These are pretty much the worst things ever

But the absolute worst thing about Flesh Men - apart from the fact that their appearance isn't improved by running them through with a spear (see image) - is the way they moan when you hit them. They're taking damage, all right, but from the sound of their creepy wails, you'd think they were enjoying it. Maybe they're excited that someone's about to put them out of their misery. We know we are.