Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - Monsterama, part 2

If you're much of a fantasy fan, by now you might have come to think of necromancers as creepy, pale-skinned wizards who hang out in cemeteries, collecting raw materials for ghoulish, unnatural "experiments." This is wrong. In reality, Necromancers are bizarre little men who scurry around on all fours, wearing only gigantic ox skulls with big fleshy scorpion tails.

Above: Kill these things first, unless you really like re-killing the same monsters

Don't be fooled by their fashionable appearance, however - these guys can be a huge pain in the ass, thanks to their ability to bring enemies that you've already killed back to life. This makes them especially deadly if they're hovering around the decaying remains of a powerful creature like a Flesh Golem, because you'll have to fight it all over again if they're able to work their magic. Even worse, you won't get any loot or experience from killing monsters twice.

The good news is that - even though Necromancers like to swarm in groups - they're relatively puny, so you'll have little trouble slaughtering them before you take on any bigger, resurrectable monsters. They're also remarkably wealthy and well-equipped (as skull-wearing weirdies go, anyway), so you can expect to be rewarded with cool items and lots of cash when you take them down.