Is Medal of Honor good again?

It's a big 'if.' But, 'if' Medal of Honor: Airborne manages to live up to this trailer, and 'if' the parachuting sections aren't just on-rails gimmickry, and 'if' EA can finally forge the MoH series back into the brilliant Nazi-busting WWII romp we fondly remember, the answer would be yes - Medal of Honor is good again.

After a spewing of installments that have been all but humiliated by Call of Duty and Brothers In Arms' superior soldiering, Airborne gives us a reason to turn back to the series that started it all.

This new video shows off not just the exciting parachute-insertions to every level, but also some cleverclogs AI behavior and serious gunbattle action. Please, let it be this good all the time.

April 25, 2007


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