Insane man selling Final Fantasy collection for insane price of $15K

Look, we know a lot of people collect video games, and a lot of those people tend to think they can make a pretty good stack of cash from unloading it on eBay. But internet, we ask you, is this freakishly awesome Final Fantasy collection really worth $15,000?

Thai seller Undkodlor – whom is in good standing, feedback wise – is trying to do just that. His eBay sale includes more than the average amount of JRPG curios. Not only does the sale include original copies of I-XIII, but this is as close to a comprehensive collection of the venerated franchise as it gets. Spin-offs, rereleases, and even a bunch of branded consoles and handhelds are represented for your drooling pleasure.

Above: Pretty, but not that pretty

What’s it going to run you? Well, with 11 days left in the auction (which is an awfully long time), the seller is asking for a cool $14,900 USD for an opening bid. You may be surprised to learn that there isn’t a bid yet. Oh, wait. Maybe you won’t.

[Source: via Siliconera]

May 24, 2011

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