How to kick ass in Super Street Fighter IV! PTOM shows you how

We remember when we were good at Street Fighter. But for us, those days are long gone. Today, fans who can remember mashing those over-sized buttons on the original Street Fighter machines in dark, smoky arcades are facing some tougher competition online. Today’s Street Fighter players are younger, faster, and know how to string together stupidly long combos that destroy us every time.

Fortunately, the upcoming June issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine will feature an in-depth strategy guide to help you master all 10 of the new characters in Super Street Fighter IV. The kickass guide is full of surefire tips and techniques straight from Capcom’s all-around Street Fighter guru (and regular TalkRadar guest), Seth Killian. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pro tips in store.


To put it simply: stay oily or get owned. Hakan has some dangerous moves, but they become twice as deadly after he uses his Oil Shower to get slippery. When Hakan oils up, he not only does more damage, his Oil Rocket grab gets massively extended range, and most of his normal moves (and even his Focus Attack) can be used to slide forward, giving him almost Dhalsim-like range on some attacks with Zangief-like damage. Hakan doesn’t have strong options against people jumping at him, so try out his Ultra II combo (Oil Combination Hold), which grabs everything out of the air with big damage and hilarious results. Since he’s grappling characters that relies on grabs to do damage, opponents will try to keep their distance, but that affords you an easy opportunity to oil up from across the screen. Try the EX Oil Shower – fireballs will pass straight through you – while getting greasy, then use Hakan’s slide to quickly close distance and throw foes around like rag dolls.

Above: Hakan's super slippery grapples are as deadly as they are humiliating

Above: Hakan sings about how he loves his daughters while he oils down the fiercest fighters in the world


She might seem like an in-your-face pixie, but Juri actually has some of the best long-distance moves in the game. Her core gameplay relies on using fireballs (remember, you can wait to release fireballs by holding down the kick button) to get an opponent to react, then punishing them for everything they try. If they jump, try to meet them in the air with a jumping medium punch. If it hits, you can juggle them with an EX Pinwheel Kick for good damage, or even her Ultra II (Kaisen Dankairaku). Use her Dive kick to punish opponents from the air, but don’t abuse it—it’s not safe if they block it. If you see an opportunity, go for EX Dive and juggle them with an Ultra after they bounce off the wall. Use the EX Pinwheel to escape pressure situations, but with low stamina and spotty defensive options, Juri functions best when she’s on the offensive and shutting down opponents before they can even get into position.

Above: Juri's all about controlling opponents with her long-distance moves and quick kicks

Above: An awesome bleeding paint trailer, which features Juri, Chun-Li, and Cammy

Above: The June issues of PlayStation: The Official Magazine will hit newsstands on May 4 with the latest on the upcoming Prince of Persia game and the new movie

Apr 9, 2010 


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