Hitman creators to 'redefine online multiplayer'

IO Interactive founders form 'new' studio Reto-Moto

The founders of Hitman developer IO Interactive have "re-formed" the Copenhagen, Denmark-based development studio, Reto-Moto.

A press statement from Reto-Moto gave no specific details about current or upcoming projects, but did state that the studio is "committed to redefining the online multiplayer space."

According to Reto-Moto's website, the studio, in name, isn't exactly new. Reto-Moto was founded in 1997, then it immediately created IO Interactive as a joint-venture with Nordisk Film.

UK-based Eidos bought IO Interactive in March 2004 for %26pound;20 million (about $40 million).

The founding members have left their positions at IO Interactive, including CTO David Guldbrandsen. CEO Neil Donnell also joins the company from Eidos.

Courtesy of Next Generation.

Apr 14, 2008

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