Hands-on with the new PlayStation 3 controller

Sony also touted the light weight of the new controller, though it comes at a cost- the vibration motors have been removed, because- Sony says- it would interfere with information detected by the motion-sensing detectors.

This actually sucks, because when we finally got the chance to hold the thing in our hands and play the demo of Warhawk, we wished we had some kind of feedback (other than our aircraft careening all over) to tell us how far we'd tilted. It didn't help that the controller felt kind of light and insubstantial.

Not that we're complaining- using the controller to guide the path of our hoverplane was slightly awkward, but held undeniable appeal.

We're slightly disappointed that we didn't get the chance to at least try the boomerang0 despite the fact that it looked terrible, with a strange contour and too-tiny analogue sticks, we'd like to prove that we were right to fear it - but in the end, we're thrilled to have our old friend back. We'll just have to remember that this controller won't come back to us if we throw it.

Above: Warhawk will be one of the first PS3 titles to exploit the new controller's motion-sensing capabilities