HaloRadar: Stupidest Cheats


Submitted By: shadowreaper
Cheat Title: Brute's Weak Spot
Entry Location:
Cheat: Most of the game you encounter Brutes and their are kinda hard to kill. But they have a main weak spot. But it's not the head. You need to shoot their feet and it paralizes them for 6 seconds. This makes them very evolnerable.

GamesRadar: Finally a way to evolneraize the Brutes.

Cheat Title: Beat Brutes
Entry Location: Anywhere with Brutes
Cheat: Use Shotgun agianst Brutes because thier crap at close range.

GamesRadar: Sounds like a good idea, except for the part about Brutes being hulking gorillas (brutes?) with single hit melee kills.

Submitted By: dan 142
Cheat Title: helpful grunts
Entry Location: in campaign, any mission on normal difficulty
Cheat: aim a gun at a grunts head but dont fire. after a while it will say "no, stop, dont shoot". dont shoot and it will say "i'll help you". congratulations, you have a grunt on your side.

GamesRadar: Clever, but not clever enough to get past our highly educated and alert (and drunk) cheat screener.

Submitted By: AnOnYmOuS
Cheat Title: how 2 get used car salesman achv.
Entry Location:
Cheat: in the part where phantoms enter the hanger, stick the phantom turret before it releases the brutes, it should give you the achievement
seriously, its how i got it.

GamesRadar: We were skeptical until you said seriously. So we went to the place, and sure enough, we got the achievement. Seriously.

Submitted By: darren greenfield
Cheat Title: vehiclez
Entry Location: every level
Cheat: at the start of every level except the level where uu hav 2 find cortana,stay in 1 place and dont move 4 10 minuitez nd a list off all the vehicle will appear nd uu can pik one

GamesRadar: Waiting for 10 minutes didn’t work, so we’re just gonna stand here for 410 minutes because we really want a tank.