Guild Wars: Eye of the North - holiday freebies

Dec 7, 2007

Starting today, Guild Wars fans who haven’t picked up the latest Eye of the North expansion can sample five hours of the series’ latest chapter for free by entering this universal key into their game client. Eye of the North was the first Guild Wars title that was designed for max level players, so those with characters level 10-19 who sign up for the trial will receive extra buffs to help them avoid sudden death by the game’s more challenging creatures.

Above: You will need to own at least one Guild Wars title to take advantage of this promotion

Through Dec 17, Eye of the North players will also receive:
- Triple experience from all primary storyline quests.
- Double the chance to receive rare items from chests, and triple the drop rate of Lockpicks.
- Double gold and experience rewards for vanquishing explorable areas while playing in Hard Mode.
- Creatures will drop special items like Sparklers, Hunter’s ale and Honeycombs.

We’ve already given Eye of the North our thumbs up in our review. If you have any love for the series and still have reservations about picking up the expansion, we recommend you check this free trial out.


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