Godzilla Unleashed - first look

When you're 30 stories tall, you don't have to choose between shooting or fighting

Modern technology is great, isn't it? A new iPod Nano can fit a GigaByte of music on a device smaller than a matchbook, a single Blu-Ray DVD can hold an entire season of your favorite TV series, and you can now squeeze 10 giant monsters, each 30 stories tall, into your DS in the form of Godzilla Unleashed. Now, if someone could only find a way to fit a full keg of beer into a 12-oz bottle, we could cut down to a single six-pack a week.

Back to Godzilla Unleashed - unlike the PSP and Wii variations of the game, this isn't a 3D fighting game. Rather, this is a "3D objects in 2D space" side-scrolling affair, in which you control not one, but two monsters at once.

Above: The anime-styled art is a departure from the other versions, but looks great in motion

Here's how it works: the story is the same as in the full-sized version - there was a meteor shower, much of the Earth is now covered in skyscraper-sized crystals, and you must select one flying monster and one ground-bound monster to punch everyone to the right of you in the mouth until the universe is zen-like again.

It's a solid plan, made more colorful by a teamwork aspect. The flying monster on the top screen - Mothra, Battra or one of three not-yet-revealed characters - swoops, dives, and laser blasts through a shooting game. At the same time, the bottom character - Godzilla, Megalon or one of three other not-yet-revealed fighters - punches, stomps, and energy burps through ground forces right along with you. The flying monster can dive bomb to the lower screen, and the bottom pugilist can super-jump up to the top to kick a plane down, but overall, it's each monster to his own area.


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