Gears of War trailer hits Live

See a normally smart soldier take the worst wrong turn in history

We normally don't do "gone gold" stories.We don't care if it a factory has the game - let us know when stores have the game. It's likeMcDonald's calling up to tell ustheyjust told the hamburger factory to grind up some cows, so we should stop by in about two weeks for a fresh, tasty Big Mac.

Okay, that analogy might be slightly off-kilter- Big Macs might not be made of cows - but you get the idea: we think gone gold stories are a tease. That is, unless they happen to come with an awesome new trailer, as today's Gears of War announcement did.

For the record, the 60-second trailer is also a tease, with long bits of listening to tinkly music and gazing at a broken porcelain head before things rush to a cliffhanger ending. But it's awesome. Watch it here by clicking the Movies tab above, then download it on Xbox Live.

October 25, 2006


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