Gears of War Guide: Bloodiest Weapons


Bagging a kill in Gears of War is no simple thing. With plenty of cover, a regenerating health bar and up to three life-saving teammates lingering nearby, taking an opponent out - for good - can require a long and tiring hunt.

You can't say they don't reward you, though. Nothing in the game is more empowering than striding over to a feeble and powerless rival, hunched and barely breathing on the floor, and finally removing him from the match with a well deserved punt to the teeth. You've crossed your "t"s and now you get to dot that "i" with a big bloody footprint.

Or if you really want to send a message...

Strategy: Finish with style

The curb stomp is by far the easiest method for delivering the final blow, but it's not necessarily the goriest. If you have the time, and skill, try executing your opponent with a close-range bullet to the brain. In true Gears fashion, the slug doesn't merely lodge itself... no, it worms its way in and then flips the entire cranium inside out. As you've probably guessed by this point, that entails a whole lot of red stuff getting all over the damn place.

Experiment with different weapons. Most of them will do something sufficiently nasty. A few are so off-putting that we almost had to turn away from the screen. Almost.