Gears of War Guide: Bloodiest Weapons

Have you seen the bloodbath that is Gears of War? No, seriously, have you seen it?

We don't mean the usual stuff here - we're talking frame by frame, gib by gib, meaty flesh chunk by meaty flesh chunk. The kind of gore only the power of slow motion and high-resolution video capture can reveal.

Obviously, if you've played the game for more than ten seconds, you've witnessed plenty of bodies flying, heads exploding and gooey red liquid splashing the screen. But have you seen a body being torn asunder in so many directions that still-pulsating pieces continue to fall, bounce and roll in the background of the "victory" screen? Have you seen a cranial detonation in such grisly detail that you could individually tag and bag the rocketing brain stem, the dangling eyeball and the concentrated cloud of pulverized skull dust? Have you seen streams of blood that - and we're not kidding here - have their own streams of blood?

We have, and for our own sanity, we need to share. We also want to honor the weapons that could deal death with such devastatingly beautiful brutality. What follows, then, is our countdown of Gears of War 's goriest killing machines and - since we don't want you to always be the one on the receiving end - a crucial piece of strategy for each one.

... Oh, fine. We made a video too.

Charlie Barratt
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