Gears of War Guide: Bloodiest Weapons


So much has already been lovingly written about the chainsaw bayonet in Gears of War. And, at this point, we've just about exhausted our vocabulary of adjectives relating to blood, guts and/or the violent exploding of either.

Suffice to say that no matter how many times you see that smoking black blade carve into your adversary's chest - and no matter how many times you feel the controller rumble with bone snapping force - it never grows old. It's so unexplainably satisfying that we even like watching ourselves get chainsawed.

Then again, we don't like it enough to let it happen on purpose. Therefore, whenever we're facing the wrong side of dismemberment, we remember one golden rule...

Strategy: Gun beats saw

Shotgun. Lancer. Even pistol. A well placed blast from any of the game's guns will trump the charge of a saw-wielding maniac. The hit forces him to lower his blade and begin revving it up all over again. And of course, while he's busy fumbling around with his tool, you can continue to plug him full of tissue-tearing lead. Maybe it's not as fun as the chainsaw, but it's a hell of a lot safer... and the sickening strength of the shotgun can take your breath away.

Dec 20, 2006