GDC: The latest from Tabula Rasa

90 second-long new trailer shows action from Richard Garriott's alien-powered MMORPG

Tabula Rasa has escaped the confines of this week's GDC floor in a trailer which has made its way to our video playerdown below.Clickety-click, sit back and enjoy the show.

Created by Richard Garriott and his crew at Destination Games, the MMORPG thrusts players into future cosmic war where the galaxy's last free sentient beings are fighting against extinction. Shooter-style action is being dropped into a persistent game world with traditional MMORPG elements, players traversing alien landscapes and battling aggressors.

The trailer runs for around a minute-and-half but you don't actually get to see any gameplay till around 30 seconds in. Still, stick with it because we feel it's worth the watch. We're hoping Tabula Rasa turns out to be an enjoyable sci-fi romp.

March 7, 2007

March 7, 2007