GC 09: Gamescom's BIG games played

The whole point of us being at Gamescom is to play games (although our photodiary might suggest otherwise). So that's what we're doing. We're playing games so we can tell you about them. And this is where you'll be able to read our reactions, impressions and opinions of the games that are being played. We'll be updating this page as more games are sampled and experienced.

Contents so far:
Tekken 6
Forza Motorsport 3
Assassin's Creed 2
Def Jam Rapstar
Gran Turismo 5
Modern Warfare 2
Aliens Vs Predator 

Tekken 6

Tekken 6 has been something of a slow burner. Already available to play in the arcades (if you can find one), there had to be something extra in the home console version to warrant the seemingly endless wait. And, sure enough, there is just that - the new campaign mode.

Firstly, we should make it clear that this isn't going to replace the regular action of the arcade mode.

'Proper' Tekken is still the star of the show with the usual sumptuous arenas and colourful characters, only this time with 60fps motion blur and newly-added destructible scenery. But when you need a break from the combo learning, campaign mode should be your first port of call.

The new mode sees you starting off in one location on a world map. You then enter a third-person action stage, similar in feel to the fighting sections of Yakuza, or if you want to get really retro, Streets of Rage or Final Fight.

With the new freedom of this game world, the standard control set won't cut the mustard. But rather than dumb down the fighting system, Namco-Bandai has chosen to add a free-run feature, similar to Soul Calibur. This lets you move around the area with the left analogue stick, while retaining all the moves and functionality of the arcade version's fighting via the d-pad.

If you're using the rather ace new Hori arcade stick, you can get around the problem of single stick control by holding L1 and using the stick to run around. Release L1 and you return to standard fighting.

You won't be alone in your quest, as you're often joined by NPCs who fight alongside you. You can level up these characters and customise them to the same extent you would in the regular game.

As you progress, you'll unlock more areas to fight in, until the world is criss-crossed with lines and character match-ups, with boss fights thrown into the mix every few spaces. The backgrounds vary from scene to scene and we saw both woodland and city areas, each with several enemies on screen at a time, which is impressive considering the character detail.

Of course, there has to be a trade-off somewhere and here it's in the quality of the backgrounds, which are rather bland and sparse in comparison to the normal fight arenas. The awkwardness of the characters in these basic 3D spaces is not very current-gen and it did remind us a bit of old third-person games on PS2.

Another new addition to the main game is 'Rage' mode. Here, as you get smacked around and your health bar depletes, your character will start to get angry. When Rage kicks in, your attacks will be more powerful, giving you a chance to get back into the fight in the way that Street Fighter IV's ultras can turn the tide of a match.

Of course, expert players will will be able to wear down their opponent almost to the point of Rage and then finish them with a combo before they get the power boost. When you're good enough to do that, you deserve the win.

Finally, there's the new ability to unlock special customisation items that directly affect the gameplay. For instance, a gun can not only be worn, but also fired. This extends to penguin summons (!) and missile attacks. Don't worry, though - these don't do as much damage as regular attacks. They're more for show and primarily there for you to taunt your opponent in style.

With 40 fighters, online tourneys for up to eight players, added penguins and twice the dress-up fun of the last game, this is undoubtedly the deluxe version of Tekken 6. Here's hoping the new additions prove to be masterstrokes and not just gimmicks.

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  • Felixthecat - August 24, 2009 8:51 p.m.

    Im gonna sound like a noob here but, will Tekken 6 actually be released in Europe? I've checked everywhere for a release date, but it always come's up with American, Japanese and Australian dates.
  • FlamingChaos35 - August 24, 2009 6:01 a.m.

    MODERN WARFARE 2!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!
  • ConkertheSquirrel - August 24, 2009 2:40 a.m.

    I was excited about MW2 but after seen AVP and the multiplayer i think im more pumped for that
  • kyleander - August 23, 2009 6:50 p.m.

    yeah great game what campaign do you think will be the hardest
  • gtakiller7 - August 22, 2009 9:21 a.m.

    wot is messed up? just buy mw2 and enjoy it
  • magicwalnuts0 - August 21, 2009 11:57 p.m.

    Oh wow, and they removed his comment, that's awesome. You people aren't gamers, you just have a boner for this one shooter, among many shooters. You couldn't give any less of a shit about how messed up this is.
  • magicwalnuts0 - August 21, 2009 10:08 p.m.

    Wow Xboxrules all I want to do right now is peel your skin off and use it for jerky. But besides that Infinity Ward doesn't have a reason to feel like shit that people are saying not to buy their game. They should feel like shit that Activision is trying to manipulate the market by using their game to raise PC game prices. I still can't believe nobody is outraged by this.
  • twosy - August 21, 2009 9:02 p.m.

    avp and mw2 look awsome cant wait 4 ever 2 come out
  • Eo1spy - August 21, 2009 5:54 p.m.

    What Aion was trying to say was that the price of MW2 has been raised by £10 (and the equivalent) everywhere in Europe and possibly everywhere else in the world on every platform(except the US of course, who get everything for a better deal) - Which is ridiculous, the RRP is now £55 ($90). Although a lot of retailers knock off £10 usually; £45 ($74 - and Americans complain about $60 games) for a video game is absolutely ludicrous. All this price-raise by Activision is going to do is get other major publishers to follow suit and release their games for £45 as well. Thus making gamers spend even more money on games when there is still a RECESSION on in a lot of countries. I guess all the people who have said "Quit your whining" etc. are American, therefore are seemingly not affected by this price raise... In short: I am not going to by MW2 on release, hopefully buying used later on in the year, so that Activision gets no money from me.
  • GMAN2 - August 21, 2009 4:53 p.m.

    Activision is stupid, but Infinity Ward isn't. They put hours and hours of hard work into Modern Warfare 2, making new changes and listening to our feedback, and now people are saying not to buy it. How do you think that would make them feel? Like shit.
  • OddWoN ER - August 21, 2009 3:32 p.m.

    uh dude, wtf are you talking about? they charge 60 bucks for the game same as most other games..... if you dont feel like shellin out the cash, thats your choice... but many of us CoD fans like seeing the improvement between each CoD game... if you havent noticed CoD4 has incredible improvements over its successors. CoD5 while not entirely improving anything...brought good ideas to the table. such as its nazi zombie mode. with modern warfare 2 we have and are already seeing improvements...built around the game play we all love and know from CoD so if you cant realize that gameplay is what makes CoD, then your mistaken in your judgement. we buy the next iteration of CoD to add a little spice and keep play something new but familiar.. but there is no law saying you have to buy it. if some one doesnt want too buy it. they wont. for those of us who do. will.
  • kyleander - August 21, 2009 1:20 p.m.

  • magicwalnuts0 - August 21, 2009 7 a.m.

    Yeah I don't know what the fuck you guys are talking about with all this collectors edition bullshit but the PC version of MW2 is 60 fucking bucks. Now nobody seems to agree with Aion here but I sure as hell do. 60 bucks for a PC game? That's fucking ridiculous, I'm not even going to look at this trailer because I know I'm not going to buy it, as good as it is. I'm not going to risk having to pay 60 bucks for every PC game I buy because greedy ass Activision doesn't think they're making enough money off of the PC. Most importantly however is the fact that Aliens Vs. Predator was and will be one of the best multiplayer games ever made and that I'm crazy excited for a modern iteration of such an awesome series of games.
  • Zeipher - August 21, 2009 2:54 a.m.

    That's crazy, because has MW2 listed for $59.99. Any idea what other games cost that amount? Here's a short list: Assassin's Creed 2, Madden 10, Batman: AA, Guitar Hero 5, Capcom Ultimate Alliance, etc. Its seems as if when a game first comes out...its always the same base price. It's obvious you have access to the internet, so I must assume you are within driving/horseback riding/covered wagon distance of a Gamestop. So maybe break out the ol' Conestoga and put your conspiracies to rest.
  • DignifiedTick - August 21, 2009 2:14 a.m.

    I love Celine Dion, she has an amazing voice. But, her lyrics are really stupid. Look, if you listen to her songs for the first time and can finish the sentence before she does, it's not really smart. So, I decided to not buy her CD's. OUCH! Honestly, aion7, shush. As if Activision will go down in sales because people won't buy from them. You do that, but millions of people still lean on Activision. (: Good luck with that, dear.
  • - August 21, 2009 12:45 a.m.

    ASSASINS CREED 2!!!!! ... Woah, sorry about the my mind turned to jelly =P
  • aion7 - August 21, 2009 12:28 a.m.

    Were some people really so stupid that they thought I was talking about the special edition? I, and others were talking about the normal version of the game, which costs more than every other normal game in many regions.
  • Zeipher - August 20, 2009 11:24 p.m.

    Lolz @ Samael Sucks not being able to play online on easy mode, huh? n00b And @ aion Your idealistic "fight the powers that be" speech is pretty damn weak. As every other logical user has pointed out, you don't have to buy the $160 version...but you have the option, and options = good business practice. Yeah, maybe I'd play Counter-Strike...if it was 2003. Next you're gonna tell me that I'm gonna get "Explosive single player" from Doom.
  • Cwf2008 - August 20, 2009 11:12 p.m.

    Well modern warfare 2 looks pretty awesome. I dont give a crap what you dumbasses (im looking at you aion7) say about not getting it, im getting it. If you dont want to get it, your loss
  • doomdoomdoom - August 20, 2009 10:54 p.m.

    Alien Vs Predator best mother fucking game very bitches This one is a Buy Mother fuckers I am buy this sht even if it is good or bad Shit yes! AVP MOTHER FUCKERS YEAH!!!