Gareth Edwards talks "serious" Godzilla in new featurette: watch now

A new Godzilla featurette has been released online, in which director Gareth Edwards discusses the approach he took to the material, and his desire to treat it "seriously".

Edwards refers to the original film's allegorical references to Hiroshima and Nagasaki as touching points for how a monster movie can be both hugely entertaining, but also have a serious point to make.

With that in mind, for all the new film's mayhem and carnage, Edwards was determined to shoot it in as realistic a style as possible, so as to make the set-up more believable.

Check out the full interview, below…

It's encouraging that Edwards name-checks Spielberg as a key influence in his approach to this film, with the director keen to work as much suspense into the building-crushing action as possible.

Co-starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, Godzilla will open in the UK on 15 May 2014.