Gaming's least wise wiseguys

They'll make you a moronic offer you can definitely refuse... then poke fun at

Alfons Capone. Henry Hill.Vito Corleone. When you think of greatMafia men, these are probably some of the first names that spring to a criminal mind. Y’know, who you don’t think of? Such woeful wiseguys as Enzo from Bayonetta, Uncle Paulie from the Darkness or that idiot you whack while dressed as a doctor with Niko in GTA IV. Yup, games have constantly been starved for a decent line-up of gangsters (well, apart from the ones they nicked from the Godfather titles). Ah well, at least most of themoronic Mafioso inside end up with a pair of concrete shoes.

Warning: There be spoilers ahead. Repeat, SPOILERS!!! Albeit pretty slight ones.