Gaming PaperCraft

Our origami gurus have designed some pretty sweet papercraft figures for you to decorate your office or gaming lounge. Scroll down to create your own Companion Cube, Big Daddy, Gordon Freeman and Vault-Boy with our printable cutouts.

The instructions for all the figures are as follows:

Click on the images below for printer friendly copies of each cutout. All cutouts will print out fine on 8 1/2 by 11 letter paper, but we suggest you visit your local office supply shop for slightly thicker paper. Look for brands that are designed for presentations. The extra weight will help your folds stay in place.

Cut out the designs along the solid black lines. If you can’t pick up some thicker paper from the store, one trick to keep the faces rigid is to use a glue stick to adhere the cutout designs to a manila folder before making any cuts.

Make the folds along the dotted lines. Evenly space breaks in the lines mean to fold the edge down (with the point sticking up), and unevenly broken lines indicate a fold up (like creating a ‘V’).

Join the edges where indicated, and tape the tabs to their corresponding counterparts. For the Big Daddy, this is a little tricky. Be patient!

For Vault-Boy and Gordon Freeman, tape or glue the figures to their included bases.

Above: Who could resist their own Companion Cube? No one, that’s who

Above: Click on the image for a printer friendly copy of the cutout