GamesRadar's Anti-Awards 2007

Jan 3, 2008

A few weeks ago we crafted abest-of-the-year list, obeying internet trends and expectations like a good little website. Now it's time for awards that you actually want to read. We're calling out all the crap that pissed us (and you) off in 2007 and, just like last time, we're handing out high quality, gold-plated awards. This year, unlucky winners shamefully walk away with the soon-to-be-coveted, slightly oxymoronic "Golden Red Rings Award." Other, slightly less sucky losers get the next best thing - a scratched Halo 3 disc laced in stunning silver.

But before we start wagging our finger, let's channel Colbert and say "We called it!" about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Wegave the gamea special "Painted into a corner" award for throwing every Marvel character in existence into one game. What could they possibly do next, now that they'd covered everything? The answer was Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, a kid-friendly pile of neutered garbage. There's now officially nowhere to go with that franchise. Should have paced yourself, guys.

Now, on to the hate.