Which Xbox Games With Gold games are free in November?

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Once you awaken from your food coma this November, be sure to get back into the gym, exercise, eat right... and then relax at home on your couch and play November's selection of Xbox Live Games With Gold. This month is stuffed with variety, from high-speed racing in Trackmania: Turbo to laugh-inducing comedy in Tales From The Borderlands.

Remember: any games you choose to download during their availability period will remain accessible so long as you have an active Xbox Live Gold membership. And don't forget too that any Xbox 360 games made available through Games With Gold are also backwards compatible with Xbox One.

November 2017 free Games With Gold games

Trackmania: Turbo (Xbox One) - Available: November 1 - 30
On one side of the racing games coin are simulators that aim to make driving a virtual car feel as real as possible. Trackmania: Turbo is not on that side. Not even close. Featuring impossibly-fast cars on gravity-defying courses, this game makes you feel like you're driving from the perspective of a Hot Wheels car.

Tales From The Borderlands (Xbox One) - Available: November 16 - December 15
Telltale may best be known for its adaptation of The Walking Dead, but this one-off partnership with Gearbox shouldn't be overlooked. Set in the Borderlands universe but not strictly tied to those games' plots, Tales From The Borderlands is one of the best-written, funniest narrative-driven games out there.

Nights Into Dreams (Xbox One / Xbox 360) - Available: November 1 - 15
Okay, technically the title of this game is "NiGHTS into Dreams..." - strange capitalization, ellipses and all. And that should really tell you everything about this HD version of Sonic Team's strangely beautiful 1996 aerial platformer. It's very, very weird.

Deadfall Adventures (Xbox One / Xbox 360) - Available: November 16 - 30
Go back to an age when "explorer" was a viable career with this FPS set in the Allan Quatermain universe. Name not ring a bell? He's basically the precursor to Indiana Jones. So expect lots of Nazis, mummies, and Nazi mummies on your globe-trotting tale.

October 2017 free Games With Gold games

  • Gone Home: Console Edition (Xbox One)
  • The Turing Test (Xbox One)
  • Rayman 3 HD (Xbox 360)
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne (Xbox 360)

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