Game launch sites that inexplicably still exist

Hasn't anyone noticed yet? No? Then let's make fun of them


The weapons, screens, and character info are all grayed out when you first access this site, and if you’re like me, and assume websites are meant to be used and not figured out, you might think that the site is broken. Wrong! What you need to do is click around the town to acquire new information, and an awful sound effect which somehow seems repetitive after only one listen.

Above: PRO TIP - don’t make someone looking for information about your game play a shitty, clicky non-game just to see a couple screenshots


This site is so old, the first review quoted (once you’re past the intro) is from “” which was GamesRadar before GamesRadar was GamesRadar, and closed in 2001.

Above: Remember when the PS2 was brand new? That was a nice feeling


A masterpiece of a game ought to have a nice-looking website, and it does (and they didn’t even use Flash). Apparently they never got around to adding the videos or screensaver promised in the download section, but there are still some nice wallpapers up if you feel the need to show off your PS2 savvy… granted, they only come in the three resolutions that anyone would have been using in 2001.


“YOU CALL Y’SELF… CHICKEN? OR HARDCORE?” No, that is not the tag-line of a spaghetti western version of TRON, it’s just the in-your-face open-ended style of Unlimited Saga, Square-Enix’s popular-in-Japan-but-torn-to-pieces-everywhere-else RPG from 2003, which GameSpot called “simply unpleasant to play.”


And that’s apparently the whole site, because after the intro loads, there doesn’t appear to be anything to click on with that giant, upside-down purple cursor. Oh wait, you’re actually supposed to click on “chicken” or “hardcore?” Sorry, we thought that was a rhetorical question.

Sep 23, 2009

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