FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

Thursday 5 April 2007
FlatOut, the crash-tastic racer-cum-stunt show is careering its way to Xbox 360 this summer. This exclusive title, developed by Bugbear, still has all the mayhem of the two previous games in the series, only now it has the horsepower of Microsoft’s supercharged system behind it.

We recently had a chance to get behind the wheel of this explosive racer and take it for an adrenaline fuelled test drive. Of course, being FlatOut, it’s not all about racing as fast as you can around the track. Challenge mode sees you competing in mini tournaments consisting of a series of preset challenges ranging from racing to stunts, while the career mode has you collecting championship points in a variety of cups. Of course the crazy rag-doll stunts also make a welcome return in all their bone crunching glory.

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