First trailer for horror romance Jack And Diane

Indie horror romance Jack And Diane has released a first trailer, in which Juno Temple and Riley Keough attempt to get to grips with the sublime agony of first love, as well as some rather alarming physical changes.

Temple and Keough play Diane and Jack, a pair of teenage girls who meet in New York and strike up a tentative romantic relationship. Geography throws a spanner in the works when Jack moves to France, although Diane is determined to keep their bond alive no matter what.

However, the stresses and strains of a long-distance relationship begin to have a profoundly weird effect on Diane, whose body begins to take a bizarre turn, as depicted by the bizarre internal shots on intertwining muscle and hair…

Take a look, below…

At first the trailer comes across like every other whimsical indie romance you've ever seen, but the introduction of those aforementioned body-horror shots halfway through suggests this one will be a different beast entirely.

Directed by Bradley Rust Grey and co-starring Kylie Minogue (who also contributes to the soundtrack), Jack and Diane opens in the US on 2 November 2012, with a UK release date yet to be confirmed.


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