Final trailer for The Master: watch now

The Master has released a final domestic trailer ahead of its theatrical release next month, and it's probably the most unsettling of all the film's teasers so far.

Accompanied by the rhythmic drumming of Joaquin Phoenix's fists against a window-frame, the new trailer gives us a chance to listen to some of the doctrine spouted by Philip Seymour Hoffman's charismatic "thinker", whose popularity is spreading through '50s America at an alarming rate.

"Man is not an animal," he explains, patiently. "We are not a part of the animal kingdom. We sit far above that crowd… I have discovered the secret to living in these bodies that we hold!" Understandably, one of the assembled listeners points out that all this sounds a touch like the beginnings of a cult…

Take a look at the new trailer, below:

It sounds as though "The Cause" holds some fairly off-beam views concerning human nature, although whether or not Phoenix's unpredictable drifter will prove to be the making or undoing of the movement's success remains to be seen. Amy Adams' character feels certain he will be the latter…

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (his first film in five years) and co-starring Laura Dern and Jesse Plemons, The Master opens in the UK on 9 November 2012.


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