Final Fantasy XIII team: DLC not good enough for release, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 possible

There could be a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. That's the word from Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Director Motomu Toriyama. And, if we want to get really speculatory, there's a slim chance they could already be working on it.

Speaking during an interview for FFXIII companion book Final Fantasy Ultimania Omega, Kitase states that he wants to make something that further explains the mythology of the Fabula Novala Crystalis project (Squenix's group of FFXIII-related games), showing things that didn't make it into the action-driven Final Fantasy Versus XIII or the PSP title Agito XIII. He adds that exactly what the project will turn out to be (if it happens) would depend on fan reaction. Toriyama then pipes up, mentioning that he'd "like to at some point make a story where Lightning ends up happy".

Certainly sounds like FFXIII-2 could be a possibility. And with the pair admitting that the FFXIII team's next project is already underway to some degree, that possibility may be getting hammered out right now. To be fair, a direct sequel would make sense. The other two FFXIII games are related by theme only, and Squenix has already complained of the cost and effort needed to produce RPGs of this sort of scale with current-gen technology. With the technical and art assets in place, a XIII-2 would be a hell of a lot easier to make than a Final Fantasy XV.

What makes a little sense though, at least to me, is the decision to go straight onto the next game instead of adding DLC for a while. Additional post-release content was conspicuous by its absence, and Toriyama has now revealed that although DLC was developed for a while, it just wasn't up to scratch. A new area called The Seventh Ark was planned, but due to a variety of development hurdles it was canned. Toriyama also cited the big differences between Xbox Live and PSN networking technology as reasons for the cancellation, but that's hardly stopped any developer of a multi-format game before.

Without knowing the exact technical problems it's hard to understand exactly why the decision was made not to wring more cash out of/enrich the player experience of Final Fantasy XIII after so much time and work. But to be fair, with Final Fantasy Versus XIII not even confirmed for release next year, Squenix has a lot on its plate at moment.

Has FFXIII left you wanting more? Would you buy a direct sequel? Or would you rather Square-Enix had gone the route of DLC expansions instead of talking up another full-price release?

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  • taha0955154198 - October 30, 2010 10:08 a.m.

    just cool
  • GhostLightning - October 10, 2010 2:43 a.m.

    Wow. Haters can suck it. MOAR XIII NOW!
  • MediocreDinosaur - October 5, 2010 7:23 p.m.

    "What part 2 be about? Uncrystalizing Vanille and Fang?" Easy there spoiler man. I am not optimistic about this. Given the crappy penchant Squeenix has for sequels (FFIV: TAY and X-2) I would much rather they release Versus XIII al-freakin'-ready.
  • g4m3rk1dd - October 5, 2010 1:20 p.m.

    *SPOILER* although i doubt there are ppl who haven played this game by now... *SPOILER* i would buy a direct sequel to this game if they could somehow work Vanille and Fang in there logically (shouldn't be too hard to do as they did tell lighting and co. to wake up so why shouldn't they be able to wake themselves?) if they DO make a sequel i want to fight the big guy on pulse...was a big let down to not be able to fight him in 13 imo...also we should be able to learn more about pulse's history and such and maybe even earn a visit from their lost deity himself and ofc we'd want to see new enemies and maybe even new allies (Dajh and Sarah ARE technically L'Cie now... it could be kinda fun to play as them for a bit? would even be a badass DLC imo as long as it was done any justice) exploring the new, somewhat destroyed, cocoon would be nice too if done any justice all that said i don't want to see Hope anymore unless he grows some balls or Snow until he matures a bit more...they were good characters given their own stories but to me they were too whiny and too lame...also the game was WAY too linear for, it would seem, anyones liking let alone my own so give us less linear game play and a few more open spaces plz :) HAS to have a better end than the first one...the ending to that was just a big "WELL DUH!!!" to me...we KNEW that Dajh and Sarah would be safe and we KNEW everyone would go home "happy"...was just a big "haha i made you play money for something you knew would happen" moment imo... also i better not see another damned owl ever was so obvious that the one in 13 was gonna be a pain in my ass that every time i went to take a dump i checked for feathers after... that said SQUEENIX MAKE ME MY FF13-2 NAOW :D
  • Tygerclaws - October 5, 2010 2:32 a.m.

    No thank you, Square. Please move on and work towards making better games, instead of putting your already mediocre existing ones on life support.
  • ryacer - October 5, 2010 2:26 a.m.

    they need to quit with all the other new ideas and just focus on what they have been saying they were gonna do ex.-versus, FF7remake. Whats they point of adding to the plate if you don't finish what u got
  • lethalcookie - October 5, 2010 1:50 a.m.

    I would buy a direct sequel in a heartbeat, I'm just not sure where the story would go. It was a fantastic game and i would love to see more!
  • philiptomlinson - October 4, 2010 11:21 p.m.

    Do a massively expanded Pulse with towns (sorry Squenix, but it isn't hard whatever you say and you pretty much nailed towns in XII, so just throw a few more polygons on the NPCs and call it a day) and I'd definitely buy it. FFXIII forced you to think about a range of tactics, as opposed to previous entries where you could largely pick your team and stick with it (I didn't use Lulu once in X), so more of this would be awesome. The ending definitely justifies a sequel, as it changed the game entirely for the human race and their relationship to the gods that oversaw them, so the plot could work out even more epic than the original. Definitely worth doing.
  • LoGAReTM - October 4, 2010 10:29 p.m.

    plox plox A direct Sequel NO DLC ! NO DLC ! This is one of my Greatest game ever On XBox360 a sequel would be awesome !
  • goodguy - October 4, 2010 10:11 p.m.

    id buy it buy they like dont even have news on versus or agito and theirs already hav 14 out
  • jakab11 - October 4, 2010 9:53 p.m.

    I would definitely buy a sequel, I loved X-2 and while i can't see exactly where the story from XIII would go, I'm sure squeenix can come up with something. I only have one request, get rid of hope, say he went to live with his dad, or got eaten by a king behemoth... I don't really care i just want him and his fancy boomerang(and whiny attitude) gone
  • TrAnMu - October 4, 2010 9:36 p.m.

    I would like DLC but I'll buy a direct sequel if they release it. I loved FFXIII. I really want versus though. Too bad it's PS3 only.
  • Lionzest7 - October 4, 2010 8:40 p.m.

    If it was based off their last sequel history, then no. FFVII and FFX already have more than one, and all the rest are horrible. FFXIII was good imo, but I don't know what they're gonna do with the story.
  • EricBratcher - October 4, 2010 7:59 p.m.

    I'm down for a -2 as long as the level design enables me to do something other than run down a tube. FFXIII was just one hallway, super-narrow canyon, road, mineshaft or whatever. It was all just some variation of a tube. The one exception was that wide open area early on down on the surface of Pulse and it was fantastic. More of that, and I'm in.
  • GreatMuerte - October 4, 2010 7:55 p.m.

    @clovin64 Spot on m8
  • Corsair89 - October 4, 2010 7:14 p.m.

    Yes, please. More FFXIII is not a bad thing
  • Clovin64 - October 4, 2010 6:40 p.m.

    I would bloody love a direct sequel to XIII. The universe/world and mythology wasn't explored enough (the in game ecyclopedia doesnt count) so this would be a brilliant way to flesh out the world and character a bit more. I would also be happy if the sequel began with Hope's tragic/unintentionally hilarious death. Just as long as the sequel isnt as kooky and girly as X-2.
  • paganpoet - October 4, 2010 6:31 p.m.

    I think a sequel could be nice. More traditional-like FF would make sense, with people migrating from Cocoon and starting to resettle on Pulse, more large open areas a la FF12 with plenty to explore. And most of the FF13 characters were likable, Snow and Hope aside.
  • EnragedTortoise1 - October 4, 2010 6:25 p.m.

    Screw everyone who thinks otherwise, FF13 was awesome. I want a sequel NOW.
  • NappyAfro - October 4, 2010 6:24 p.m.

    Not sure... if want? Square has went to the tubes since pairing with Enix. I don't like it.

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