Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Traditionally, Final Fantasy is something you’ve got to work at to get the best out of it. The most effective battle strategies come from lots of practice and experimentation. The strongest moves require hours of leveling up. The best weapons are hidden so effectively, the average player won’t even know they exist.

But times are changing for Square’s monster RPG series, and following the simplified, semi-automatic battle system of the acclaimed Final Fantasy XII for PS2, this DS side-story sees the game become more accessible still. So Revenant Wings is effectively a Final Fantasy for gaming novices, thanks to a battle system that replaces most of the text-based strategic commands with stylus control and instant action.

Set in and around the mysterious land of Lemurés, which floats, hidden, in the clouds above the realm of Ivalice - the setting for the PS2 game - it stars would-be sky pirate Vaan and his navigator Penelo. They encounter a race of flying people called the Aegyl and recruit one of them for an adventure that involves lots of airships, fighting and maybe even a little piracy along the way.

Like its console big brother, Revenant Wings uses a reworked battle system that dispenses with the random encounters that have characterized/plagued Final Fantasy games in the past. You no longer get accosted by gangs of invisible enemies as you wander the world map, so it’s entirely your choice whether you indulge in the level-boosting “grinding” required to make the bigger battles that little bit easier.


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