Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

There have been two brand new Japanese trailers of FFCC which makes us very excited indeed. The graphical style is in keeping with the recent Final Fantasy III on DS, which is one of the prettiest DS games ever seen.

One trailer shows a little cutscene of the two main characters examining a crystal, while the other one (surely the shortest trailer in the world) shows a teeny bit of fighting gameplay. The fighting looks very free, with impressive-looking Matrix-jumps and moves designed to kill the bad guys - in this case a skeleton and some sort of squirrel with a bushy tail with a green tip (well, he was asking for trouble).

And, with a bit of rudimentary kana translation, the other trailer shows our heroes getting the crystal embedded into some sort of necklace or protective jeweled casing, with dialogue running along the lines of “This is good.” “Is this good?” “I have fixed this good for you.” “Thank you for fixing! It is good!” Then something about blood, death and a slow train service between the center of Tokyo and Haneda airport.

So we may not be quite fluent in Japanese yet, but the fighting looks absolutely brilliant when combined with other trailers showing all manner of amazing levels, all sorts of settings and locations and 3D access to everything. Plus, the big bird boss shown in one video looks like it requires Zelda-esque elements of puzzle solving to defeat it - one character fighting it on ground level, while another scampers up to attack specific points. End result: we can’t wait.


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