Fez coming to PC May 1

Creator Phil Fish says Mac, Vita versions likely next step

Fez will release on Steam on May 1, 2013, according to its new listing. The indie puzzle platformer took years to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade, but developer Polytron was able to improve its turnaround just a bit for the PC version.

In a Reddit ask-me-anything thread, creator Phil Fish confirmed the Windows version "is essentially the exact same game," so don't expect to find a bunch of new Anti-Cubes lying around. Of course, Fish claims there are still undiscovered secrets left to find, regardless of the platform...

A Mac version is also planned for the months following Fez's PC release, and a PlayStation Vita version may be on the way as well: "I can't really 100% confirm that yet, but I'm working with Sony trying to figure something out," Fish said.


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