Expand your inventory with a Journey, Infamous or PS1 messenger bag

If we could match the scope of inventories we amass during our digital world-altering adventures, moving would be a lot more simple. The laws of physics make an unfortunate contribution to the volume of life's harsh realities, but the PlayStation Gear store is at least equipped to help carry your burdens.

The officially-licensed site blends the aesthetics of Journey's bronze dunes, Infamous: Second Son's punk lead, and the PlayStation 1's signature grey tone with standard messenger bag designs to help carry your vital trinkets. Each option runs for $68.

The Journey and Infamous bags can accommodate a 17" laptop, while the PS1 bag can handle 16" models. The latter option does use magnets to secure its flap when closed, however, so you may want to test their strength before inserting memory cards or beloved electronic devices inside.

Images: PlayStation Gear