Epic Mickey opening movie revealed

Plenty of nods to the past with more than a few clues into the Mouse's future

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Well it seems Warren Spector is continuing on his worldwide tour ofshowing off new Epic Mickey footage to everyone who isn%26rsquo;t me.And those lucky so and sosfortunate enough to be atwhatever the hell is going on in Cologne, Germanygot to see the first part of Epic Mickey%26rsquo;s opening movie. If it%26rsquo;s any consolation, they%26rsquo;ve just passed it along to us!Here%26rsquo;s your first chance to see it,andpotentialglimpsesoftje yet-to-be-confirmedenvironments that might appear in the game. Oh yeah, and it%26rsquo;s pretty great too.A nice little blend of "Thru the Mirror" and "The Sorcerer%26rsquo;s Apprentice" (Cage-free version!) with what looks like a bit of darker spin.

Eagle-eyed animation nerds will take much delight in the fantastictime elapsesequence in the middle, plusthe trailer may very well offer clues Epic Mickey has yet to reveal.

Above: The trailer is narrated by Yen Sid, who is creating the %26ldquo;Wasteland,%26rdquo; a place for those forgotten...

Above: Perhaps an alternate reality? We can see a statue in the middle ofwhat looks likeWalt and Oswald?

Above: As promised, we%26rsquo;re seeing the return to the mischievous, kinetic Mickey people originally fell in love with. So%26hellip; can you spot any potential Disney locales he%26rsquo;s accidentally brought to life? Something looks pretty "Alice in Wonderland" in there. Is that the Matterhorn and Small World rides? I%26rsquo;m getting a "Mickey and the Beanstalk" vibe from that thing on the left%26hellip; TOMORROWLAND?!

The trailer makes the in-game sequences look pretty stunning, yes, in spite of being a Wii game, naysayers! The video ends on a cliffhanger, but it looks like Disney is promising to reveal more clips in the weeks ahead. I'll probably be available.

Aug 16, 2010


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